What happens to right-handed cars registered in Romania PHOTO

The General Director of the Romanian car registration, George Dincă, stated that there is a proposal that the cars should be approved with the steering wheel on the right, no matter where they come from, but that the first periodic technical inspection (ITP) should are rejected. "From next year, right-hand drive cars registered in Romania when they came to RAR stations for the periodic technical inspection (ITP), if they could not move the right-hand steering wheel to the left, they could be rejected . This proposal is designed to reduce the risk of accidents, "stated Director General RAR George Dincă.

Capital magazine announced last year that government officials and the Romanian car register have declared war on right-wing cars because of the large number of accidents involving the victims. Such vehicles outside the European Union will no longer be registered in Romania by the end of this month. Currently there are tens of thousands of cars with the steering wheel on the right in Romania, almost 90% of which are brought from the United Kingdom

How much does it cost to shift the right steering wheel to the left

The left steering wheel moves between 1000 and 1500 euros. According to cars.ro, when we talk about an older car, the price of the parts can be quite small when dismantling. However, for cars of the age of 10-12 years old, they will spend at least 1000-1500 euros. The tracks are quite expensive because they drive on the left with cars that have to search a lot. In addition, you pay about € 500 for your workplace, but this price can even cost 1000 euros if it is a hard machine to convert. There are deals ranging from 300 to 1,000 euros on the market, the conversion of the steering wheel is the type of work that the mechanic tells you and the price has risen.

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