Why he said goodbye to the agent who shot his baby, he committed suicide

The researchers collected all data and decided that the death of the three-year-old boy from Pitesti and his father is most likely a murder case followed by suicide.

The 29-year-old man, an organized crime officer, killed his child during a jealousy crisis. She had learned that her ex-wife, she was also an agent, had a relationship with a colleague.

Before the terrible decision the father left more letters to the family members. One would have been for the ex-wife, whom he would have avenged for his act, and the other for his family, to which he explained the gesture in various terms.

The four-year-old father and child were shot dead in the man's apartment, where her mother left her son on Saturday morning as a result of joint custody.

Researchers have discovered a container with an alcoholic drink in the policeman's apartment, so they have to undergo an organic sampling to determine if the man has drunk alcohol before he commits the act. At the same time, the police are trying to find out whether the policeman has prepared the act, because the gun with which he shot belongs to him.

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