Yellow stream of rain for Sibiu (UPDATE)

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News from Sibiu, 2018/08/22; 79 Viewed

The Transilvania Sud weather center issued a warning on Wednesday, Yellow code of direct dangerous weather phenomena for Sibiu County.

"Twilight and torrents that will accumulate 25 … 30 l / m², electric discharge" will be recorded.

The mood was also characterized by short-term intensification of the wind and possibly small hail.

The high mountains and the towns of Sălişte, Jina, Poiana Sibiului, Boita, Tilişca and Râu Sadului are covered.

The warning is valid between 13:25 and 15:00.

UPDATE: Meteorologists have issued a new yellow code warning for "tornadoes" that also have a violent character that will accumulate 25 l / m², electric discharge, short wind intensities. "

Isolate will also be small hail.

Agnita, Moşna, Nocrich, Iacobeni, Bârghiş, Alţina, Chirpăr, Merghindeal, Mihăileni are the target.

The warning is valid between 18:25 and 19:30.

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