Explosive scenario: CCR to declare interim president as president for Iohannis & # 39; refusal to meet his obligations – News by source

Adrian Toni Neacsu, former CSM member and attorney at Liviu Dragnea's former wife in the fictitious employment dossier, published a novelty theory on the work of Klaus Iohannis on Facebook, inspired by a case in Moldova, according to which the RAC Of the interim president if the head of state failed to fulfill his constitutional obligations.

"I quote from neighbors and wonder why not The intentional refusal of the President to fulfill his constitutional obligations amounts to a temporary impossibility for subjective reasons of the exercise of the position, which is the adoption by the Constitutional Court of the temporary function, according to article 98 paragraph 1 of the Constitution.The decision of the interim is a legal and constitutional, not political, mandatory, if there is an interruption in the activity of the President of Romania and not an optional one. It is not a suspension of the President, it does not lead to a referendum and only lasts as long as the President refuses to fulfill his duties.

& # 39; In his judgment no. On October 28, 1717, the Constitutional Court stated that the failure of the presidential institution, by failing to perform its duties for objective or subjective reasons, by deliberately refusing to exercise its powers, has the same consequences, namely the blocking of other institutions. The Court has therefore held that, if the President intentionally refuses to exercise his powers, the consequences are the same as those which arise in the event of the impossibility of carrying out the duties for objective reasons, so that the rules governing those situations are the same. must be, that is to say, the adoption of the interim procedure. Neacsu wrote on Facebook.

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