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According to an unofficial estimate, the Fortnite producer Epic Games would have generated a profit of about $ 3 billion this year.

The estimate, made by an anonymous internal source quoted by TechCrunch, claims that the profits earned this year by Epic Games are largely due to the very popular Fortnite game.

Epic has not provided any future profit data this year and is unlikely to provide this. It is a private company and is not obliged to do this.

Fortnite, which currently has a base of 125 million players, is a free royal battle game. Revenue is only obtained through the sale of various digital objects within the game.

According to a sensor sensor estimate, Fortnite generated more than US $ 385 million on iOS revenues between April and November alone. The users of this platform spent just $ 1.23 billion on games and applications in November according to the same estimate.

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iOS is only part of the success of Epic Games. Fortnite is a multiplatform game that can be played on iOS, Android, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Mac.

In the first month after the launch, Fortnite already had 15 million players on Android, despite the fact that the game could not be downloaded from the official app store. There is no calculation of the revenue from the Android version of the game, but according to some estimates, Google would have earned $ 50 million if the game was available in the Play Store.

The profits of Epic Games would certainly have been much higher if Fortnite generated revenue in China, where the procedure for playing electronic licenses was frozen.

According to Newzoo estimates, the games in China generated revenues of about $ 40 billion this year.

Before the Fortnite, Epic Games were known for the Unreal graphics engine, which forms the basis for many other games.

Recently, Epic Games has launched its own online gaming store, which promises to leave 88% of sales to developers, compared to most stores, which keep 30% of sales.

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