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Here is the birth certificate of the royal baby! Meghan Markle has the princess occupation

His Royal Highness, Rachel Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, with the British Princess Occupation – this is how it comes to the birth certificate of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the first child of the former actress and Prince Harry, born on May 6 at the Portland Hospital in London . It was widely suggested that Meghan would have given birth at home, but the fact that the baby had conquered the term had little to make up for her plans. He took the necessary care at one of the most expensive and luxurious hospitals in London, where he had his mother and Harry.

Another thing that is clarified in the birth certificate is that the baby's name is Archie and not the short version for Arthur or Archibald. The baby's arrival in the world was set at 11 days from the moment itself.

How does the hospital where Meghan Markle was born work

Portland Hospital is the place where many famous baby & # 39; s have seen the light of day, including Meghan & # 39; s little boy and Harry. Hospitalization starts from no less than 15,000 pounds, with the great possibility that royal choices are even more expensive. After her birth the duchess was taken home, where her mother, Dora, had the support.

While Kate Middleton carried all three children in the Lindo wing of St Mary & # 39; s Hospital, Meghan opted for the dual cost option, a reserve at Portland Hospital where the children of other stars came from David and Victoria Beckham, Claudia Schiffer , Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver. It was also the place where Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were born.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not have custody of their son

According to a strange law, although they are Archie's biological parents, and in another family would also have the role of legal guardians, it is for the members of the royal family Queen Elizabeth II who "dictates"! The duke of Sussex is not the legal guardian of Archie, just like neither duke of Cambridge, William and Kate, who already have three children, princes George and Louis and princess Charlotte, enjoy this privilege.

there is a rule that the sovereign or sovereign governor is technically in custody of every royal child in this matter, Queen Elizabeth II.

"This situation dates back to the time of King George (who ruled in the early 1700s) and the law has not changed since then. He did this because he had a bad relationship with his son, the future King George II, and so this law that the mentor made of his grandchildren's tutor, "explained royal expert Marlene Koenig.

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