Joint pain? Here’s what to do to relieve them!

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Do you know that unpleasant feeling of joint pain that does not give you rest and for which you blame the cold, especially now in the cold season? The phrase “my cold got into my bones” is often used by Romanians when faced with a state of discomfort. If the answer is YES and you know the phrase, we present a range of products to help you.

Well, whether it is the joints of the hands, knees or hips, joint pain can have many causes: wrong lifestyle, aging, vigorous physical exertion, sleeping in the wrong position, poor posture or work posture. … Even regular daily activities can cause discomfort, especially as a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition predominate in deterioration in health.

Very often in adults, joint pain can be relieved with the right solutions!

The good news is that Pansiprod Distribution offers you a strong ally for these conditions: the range NOW • DOL from ESI Italy. With 17 years of experience in pain management, the range is NOW • DOL contains different formulas based on natural ingredients, effective and suitable for the treatment of different types of rheumatic, traumatic or other pain.

It is recommended for joint pain, joint cartilage damage or stiffness due to osteoarthritis NOW • DOL capsule, a dietary supplement containing a combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and manganese, as well as standardized plant extracts of aloe vera and devil’s claw. Two capsules per day have a rapid pain-relieving effect without causing side effects.

NO • DOL cream it is a topical and quick way to relieve joint pain and stiffness. It is easily applied and absorbed by the skin, providing a protective and soothing effect on the affected area.

NO • Devil’s Claw Gel DOL 10%: Devil’s Claw is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent, the high concentration of this product provides relaxation and relief from pain caused by inflammation, tendonitis, sprains, dislocations and pain in general. The gel contributes to the health and flexibility of muscles and tendons, leaves no traces on clothing and has a fast effect.

Another solution for relieving joint pain is and NO • DOL pocket drink, food supplement for drinking, with capsule formula, packaged in the form of an envelope with an already prepared solution, with a pleasant red apple taste, without gluten, lactose, artificial flavors or added sugar.

Interval NOW • DOL it also gives you two kinds of fixes. Patch uri active are indicated for the protection of areas affected by muscle and joint pain or contractures of various origins (rheumatic pain, muscle pain, sports injuries, stiff neck and back). They contain arnica, devil’s claw, camphor, willow, sulfur and lavender and provide a long-lasting soothing effect of the active ingredients for 24 hours.

Thermo plasturii are recommended for relieving muscle and joint pain caused by various forms of rheumatism. They provide an immediate and comfortable heat source for the affected area for up to 8 hours. Stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, reduces discomfort and improves joint flexibility.

And because prevention is better than treatment, clinical studies have shown that glucosamine is beneficial in preventing joint damage or injury. So, Pure glucosamine produced by ESI is 100% vegetable, natural, ideal for vegetarians, vegans and allergic to shellfish. It acts on cartilage tissue, maintains its integrity and reduces the effects of wear and tear on joint components.

Enter pharmacies and discover the products NOW • DOL Perfect for you!

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Take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones!

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