Microsoft on how to stream games on Apple devices

Microsoft on how to stream games on Apple devices

Some time ago, Apple expressed a desire to allow game streaming services on its mobile devices, but on the condition that developers list their games separately in the App Store, if they were also available on the streaming service.

Apple claims this is necessary to analyze the games to ensure they do not violate the terms and conditions. This is not very realistic as some streaming services can have hundreds of games and it would be a long process to list them individually.

But Microsoft is hoping to partner with the Cupertino-based company. In an interview with The Verge, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer revealed that the company is willing to partner with Apple to bring its xCloud streaming service to iOS devices.

According to Microsoft’s Spencer, “We are willing to work with them on security and other issues. We operate a platform that focuses on safety and security. These things are very important to us on Xbox. “

He also said he will likely opt for Apple’s Safari browser in the meantime, which means Microsoft will allow the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate game service to run in the Safari browser for Apple devices.

Spencer also mentions that Apple is open to the idea of ​​a native game streaming application for iOS devices, but until the obstacles are overcome, Microsoft will opt for the Safari browser for that company’s devices.

“No, Apple remains open to the user experience we want. But we have this path of a browser that works for us, which we will develop and build, allowing us to access many devices. If the device can have a suitable web browser we can provide it with streaming games, which is quite interesting, ”said Microsoft’s Phil Spencer.

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