Profi, the largest network of supermarkets and convenience stores in Romania, introduces Druid chatbots to automate the company’s HR processes

Druid, the only company in Romania specializing in the design and development of intelligent virtual assistants dedicated to complex business processes, and the audit and consultancy firm PwC Romania announce the conclusion of an agreement with Profi, the largest network of supermarkets and convenience stores in Romania, for simplifying personnel processes through chatbots.

“The integration of Druid chatbots with UiPath robots improves productivity in complex processes, as well as simpler and friendlier interaction with employees,” said Liviu Drăgan, CEO of Druid.

The project was started as a result of the need of the Profi network to provide the heads of the nearly 1,400 stores and logistics centers in the area with a solution that can automate, time consuming, the administrative activities of human resources.

“The turnover at the level of the 16,000 employees spread across the territory implied intense administrative activity for the store managers, the managers of the logistics centers and the personnel of the HR department. Each store manager had to manually fill in the internal systems, employment forms, information needed for the employment contracts and employee records, internal timesheets and other activities specific to human resources, ”said company representatives.

Specifically, the chatbot automatically retrieves, by scanning, with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the identification data of the identity card, fills in the rest of the necessary information from the information note and the employment form together with the candidate, and then sends the labor contract. An electronic file with all accompanying documents is automatically created for each new employee, so that any notifications about the registration status of new employees are sent and as much information as possible can be consulted quickly. The chatbot will also help by automating the generation of certificates.

“The fact that our network grows with hundreds of stores each year and adds thousands of new employees makes it necessary to use advanced solutions that continuously streamline our performance,” added Diana Stoica, HR director of the Profi Rom Food network. .

Gabriel Voicilă, technology partner at PwC Romania, mentions that the solution proposed by PwC involved designing and training an integrated chatbot with human resources systems, as well as UiPath robots to automate all activities related to the generation of employment contracts and the integrating personnel into the company. .

The Profi supermarket network, controlled by the investment fund Mid Europe Partners, achieved a turnover of 7.2 billion lei last year, an increase of 23% compared to 2018. In addition, turnover doubled in the period 2016-2019.

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