Samsung GALAXY X Tablet

Samsung GALAXY X. The "pearl" of the spring supply of 2019 for the Korean company will reach the market as a foldable phone where, as usual, extremely high expectations are set. Although many people still think that folding phones in this world is useless, it believes just as much that phones like Samsung GALAXY X will forget some very useful products.

Samsung GALAXY X. Analysts are more particularly of the opinion that folding phones will forget tablets, and this is because they will combine the functionality of phones and tablets into one device. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, LG, or other companies have introduced Samsung GALAXY X phones as multifunctional devices that can handle both tablet and normal mobile phone functionality.

Samsung GALAXY X will forget the small tablets in the coming years

Samsung GALAXY X. The truth is that tablets with screens of 7 to 8 inches play no role in the lives of their customers. Instead of spending money on phones and tablets, they can buy a foldable phone that works like both. Of course this will not happen immediately, but in a few years' time, phones such as Samsung GALAXY X will become cheap enough to be worth buying from customers, with an initial price of nearly $ 2,000.

Samsung GALAXY X. Of course it is also necessary that the functions offered by this kind of phones are good enough to count in the eyes of consumers, and at present no one knows what they have to offer. Even if a special Android version is made by Google for phones like Samsung GALAXY X, it remains to be seen whether the user experience will be as good as the customers who are interested in them.

Samsung GALAXY X. The presentation of this foldable Korean telephone will be held at a conference on 20 February, starting on 8 March.

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