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Samsung. HISTORIC Decision made together with Huawei

Samsung understands huawei

Samsung. The Korean company has taken a historic decision together with Huawei, which has surprised many people, but it shows that there are ways to resolve the problems amicably. Samsung and Huawei have taken the decision to end a long legal battle that has taken place in no fewer than 40 open lawsuits in different parts of the world, and to reach an agreement that will allow them to also use each other's technologies. license.

Samsung. All processes opened against each other by the two companies must be taken to court and only then can a mutual licensing of technologies be discussed. The agreement between Samsung and Huawei comes at a time when the Chinese have come close to Koreans in terms of sales, and it is expected that this will not change quickly for them.

Samsung. HISTORIC Decision made together with Huawei

Samsung. The announcement of the agreement between the two companies comes just weeks after Apple and Qualcomm had made a similar decision on their legal issues. Of course the situation between Samsung and Huawei is still different, because we are talking about two companies that have relatively different problems, but finally there is a "middle ground" to solve the problems.

Samsung Electronics and Huawei Technologies have reportedly agreed to settle their three-year dispute over smartphone patents, likely to redirect their energy to counteract the global slowdown in demand. Concepts are not public, but companies are supposed to discuss mutual licensing of patents related to basic technologies.

Samsung. The legal issues between Huawei and the Koreans began in 2016 when the Chinese accused the first of having violated some patents for 4G technologies. In China, Huawei has won victories in open lawsuits against Samsung, and probably because it has little to gain from some lawsuits, the Korean company has decided to conclude an agreement with the Chinese to get "cheaper" problems.

Samsung. It is not known if it was about paying amounts to achieve these deals, and it is not known which patents can be licensed between companies, so it remains to be seen what will be announced.

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