Scandalous! The Romanian artist who attacked Măruță, live on Pro TV: I’d like to go on an adventure with your wife, Andra Măruță


Cătălin Măruță is one of the most successful show producers in Romania. But, with all his experience, he barely left himself on the last show, where he had to listen to indecent fantasies that his guest admitted to having with his wife, Andra Măruță.

Cătălin Măruță had invited Sorin Brotnei, a former member of the band Akcent, to his show. In the challenging column “You say anything or your mouth catches fire”, Cătălin Măruță asked Sorin Brotnei a difficult question, who turned against him.

Sorin Brotnei: I would like to have an affair with Andra Măruță

For example, Cătălin Măruță remained a mask when the artist, reading the question “Which showbiz person would you like to have a one night stand with?”, Droogjes replied: “Andra Măruță”.

And although it seemed like a harmless joke at first, Sorin Brotnei later tried not to solve the case, but on the contrary.

After Cătălin Măruță replied with a laugh, “So you’re doing this,” Sorin continued:

“When her manager wants me to replace him, I always do and with pleasure,” said the artist.

Seeing that the former member of the band Akcent is continuing the same idea, Cătălin Măruță kept smiling, but changed the subject.

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