The future is officially parted with Ruben de la Barrera!

The Dobrogeans announce that the separation of Ruben and his staff took place by mutual agreement. The future thanked them for the work they have done in the nearly 4 months they have done in Constanța and states through an official communiqué that will soon announce the composition of the new technical bank.

Bad course for the future under Ruben de la Barrera

Two days ago, Viitorul was shamefully eliminated by Dinamo in the Romanian cup. The “red dogs” won without appeal in the “16s” phase, scoring 3-0.

Even in the championship, the situation is not rosy for Viitorul. The Dobrogeans occupied 7th place after 11 stages, with 16 points scored (4 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats). In the last stage, the team led by Ruben de la Barrera suffered an unexpected defeat, 0-1 against Academica Clinceni.

Ruben de la Barrera was probably not quite to his liking. After the game with Dinamo, Gabi Iancu, one of the team’s leaders and League 1’s top scorer last season, ‘poked’ his coach.

“We have to wake up, because at this pace I don’t see anything okay in the future. We have to find our rhythm. I played a weak game with Dinamo. It’s hard for me to talk now, I would go to the coach and that. I don’t want to, I could talk, but I better leave him alone, ”said Iancu.

VIDEO. Gică Popescu, after Academica Clinceni – Viitorul

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