the war between Samsung and Huawei for the supremacy of smartphones will grow

The year 2019 will in one way or another be a turning point for some of the technology giants that dominate the global smartphone market. Because rumors suggest that the iPhone models will not change much in 2019 compared to those in 2018 and iPhone X in 2017, we will abandon Apple and move on to the other two giants fighting to keep the top in sales. of smartphones.

Huawei versus Samsung will for many reasons be one of the most exciting stories to watch over the year 2019. Both companies, including planned device launches, will bring foldable telephones to the market, writes. This can generate reactions ranging from confusion to massive acceptance of the new interesting phone. Who knows, at this moment.

It's something that both companies – including phone manufacturers that come into play with foldable phones – want to try partially because the global smartphone market is a bit of a problem this year. People have not rushed to buy all the latest models and new flagships, as they have done so far. So maybe the new foldable phones are those that revive the interest of people and implicitly the sale.

Meanwhile, despite the number of problems the company is facing, Huawei is ready to end the year with a sales record of more than 200 million smartphones. Although still behind Samsung, which has not announced the results this year, the Chinese giant approaches the South Korean manufacturer and does not intend to stop until he becomes No. 1 on the market, writes

Although Samsung has not presented its final figures for the current year, the fact that the delivery of smartphones in the first three quarters of 2018 has already reported that 223 million units have already been sent. It means that he already beat Huawei in 2018, even without the turnover in the fourth quarter.

What is interesting is that Samsung's sales are declining, although it is a well-known global brand. The challenge for Huawei is that it must fulfill its ambitions and at the same time lose its ground in the West and in markets such as the US.

At the same time, Guo Ping, chairman of Huawei Technologies, said Thursday that the revenue of the Chinese giant is expected to generate a profit of 21 percent this year to $ 108.5 billion. However, Huawei faces several international scandals, such as US-led opposition to its devices, due to security issues, espionage charges and the arrest of the CFO in Canada.

Huawei has been trying for more than a year to convince him that he has no ties with Beijing and remembers that the company is 100% owned by its employees, not from the Chinese state or the military.

But if Huawei manages to achieve the goals that its administrators have remembered long enough – that it wants to dethrone Samsung – in 2019 it will certainly make the year 2019 an exciting year on the front of the smartphone.

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