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two doctors would have operated illegally

"Prosecutors must investigate how they have entered an operating room at operation clinic No. 2 of the Cluj-Napoca County Emergency Clinical Hospital two doctors, Cosmin Raul Şandor and Mihai Nemeţi, who appear as doctors in the Blaj The two have been operating illegally since October 2017, with the agreement of the head of the vascular surgery department, Marius Fodor, although they had no contract with Cluj Hospital. (…) Fodor is the godfather of Şandor and allowed him to do business that is not a medical-surgical emergency, except on duty, which covers this fact with his signature and his own paraphone. (…) In practice, Marius Fodor (the head of the Surgery Unit II of Cluj-n.red) illegally introduced the two doctors into the Surgery II section and offered them the opportunity to operate outside the emergency situations of those guards at home – have varicose veins, bypasses. The operations of the two are illegal because they had no contract with the County Hospital, "said Emanuel Ungureanu, according to Transilvaniareporter.ro.

The deputy also complains that a series of violations have taken place in the same hospital by the manager Petru Şuşcă: he would have preferred Dr. Fodor to consecutively win two illegally organized competitions and between 2016-2018 he refused teacher Claudia Gherman right to switch to this section.

In the same complaint, Emanuel Ungureanu also asks the prosecutor to "verify the suspicion that the two surplus medical supplies or medical devices would load the observation sheets of other patients" & # 39; by other doctors to evade them and to use the private Interservisan or Venovasc clinic on the & # 39; patented & # 39; model of doctor Mihai Lucan. & # 39; That is, Dr. Raul Sandor would subject suture yarns or vascular prostheses, etc.; from the vascular surgery warehouse, the source cited.

In response, Adela Golea, the medical director of the medical department in Cluj, says: "We currently have no people without the right to practice in the hospital. (…) Early 2019, doctors and nurses working in the hospital became inspected at the College of Physicians and the Medical Assistants Order, and there were no unauthorized practitioners of those who had contracted the hospital at that time, and the hospital asked high-level sections in February to report if any people were active without participating in the hospital's volunteer program or having a contractual relationship with the hospital. "

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