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Unusual rankings – What are the most required SINS in UK Funeral Burials – News by Source

The pieces of the American artist Frank Sinatra and the British singer Ed Sheeran are more popular than traditional songs at British funerals, according to nme.com, according to Mediafax.

In a survey conducted by the largest chain of funeral companies, no traditional number has reached the top ten. This is the first time since the launch of the 2002 rankings, the information provided by Co-op Funeralcare shows.

Frank Sinatra's song, My Way, is the first. "My Way" kept this distinction in almost all positions except in 2014. The famous song was subsequently popularized by "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life", the composition of "Monty Python & # 39; s Life Of Brian".

The & # 39; Supermarket Flowers & # 39; signed by Ed Sheeran, dedicated to the artist's grandmother, is in sixth place. "You Raise Me," the song of the Westlife boys, climbed to eighth place.

Other popular choices are & # 39; Stairway To Heaven & # 39 ;, led by Led Zeppelin and & # 39; Bat Out Of Hell & # 39 ;, the song sung by Meat Loaf. "Angels", the song by Robbie Williams, is the most pop-pop composition in the rankings. The most popular classical composition is the orchestral score "Nimrod", made by Edward Elgar.

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"The work that people want most of all at a funeral is a combination of staff and familiarity," said Reverend Jeremy Brooks in a focus group of the Anglican church dedicated to funerals. He thinks it is important that the family of the deceased has the opportunity to choose songs from funerals, regardless of whether the music is religious or not. Brooks believes that musical genres or plays that have been important in the lives of those who have died can help their relatives to remember and regret them.

Frank Sinatra, born in 1915, recorded his first album in 1939 and then made more than 1400 music records, running in parallel in 58 films. The American artist, whose syncopated voice was worshiped by millions of fans around the world, is considered one of the best singers of all time and continued to record music until his death in 1998. Among his hits are famous songs such as "Strangers in the Night "," My Way "," New York, New York "," Imaginations "," Fools Rush In "," I & # 39; ll Never Smile Again "I'll see you".

At the age of 28, Ed Sheeran, holder of four Grammy Awards, is considered a phenomenon of the folk-pop genre. He was the best-selling artist of 2017, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the organization that represents the interests of the music industry worldwide. Sheeran & # 39; s album "Divide", the third of his career, was best-selling discography in 2017, and "Shape of You" was the biggest sale, the organization said.

Ed Sheeran will give a concert in Bucharest on July 3 at the National Arena.

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