Updating. Parliamentary elections 2020. Voting time at 9.30 am. Where there was a massive vote

UPDATE 9:45. Voting until 9:30 am: According to information from the BEC, more than 700,000 voters have already voted, or 3.94%.

In Mehedinți, 5.56% of the voters have already voted, and in Olt 5.41%, as these are the leading provinces.
In Bucharest, the presence is 4.02%.

The low presence is in Vaslui – 2.96% and Covasna – 2.77%.

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So until 8:00 a.m., 1.29% of those registered on the electoral rolls in Romania, or 236,151 people, voted according to the permanent electoral authority.

In comparison, in the local elections of September 27 at 08:00, 1.89% of the Romanians who were on the lists had voted.

In the previous parliamentary elections, in 2016, the turnout at 08:00 was 1.85%, below the level of the local elections in September of this year, which took place in pandemic circumstances. Regardless, turnout in local elections has traditionally been higher than in parliamentary elections.

We are going to see, according to the 10 a.m. numbers, how much the coronavirus pandemic and the health rules imposed by them matter.

The special thing about these parliamentary elections in 2020

It is important to remember here that Prime Minister Ludovic Orban announced two days ago that the residents of the quarantined municipalities and cities do not need a declaration of responsibility to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

Also in quarantine areas, the exercise of the right to vote must be unrestricted. Any citizen, even if in a place that is temporarily in quarantine, has the freedom to go to the polling station and vote without making statements . It is voting day, everyone knows that people are going to exercise their right to vote. Tomorrow we have CNSU, before the government meeting, after which in the government meeting we will convert the CNSU proposal into the amendment of the government decision on the alert state. “

COVID-19 and the vote. What are the infected

The situation is completely different for those who have been individually quarantined. They must stay at home or in the place where they have announced that they will spend their solitary confinement. But there is also a solution for them: the mobile ballot box.

“It should not be clear that those quarantined can go to the polls. Those quarantined as a result of a decision by the Department of Public Health should remain in the home or location where they quarantined their quarantine. They can exercise their voting rights through a mobile ballot box. It should request the polling station of the polling station to move the special mobile ballot box and the special mobile ballot box will be moved so that isolated, quarantined persons can exercise their voting rights. “

According to AEP, so far only 40 people from all over Romania have chosen to call the mobile ballot box at home.

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