Windows 10 disaster

Windows 10. The past months have proven to be a real disaster for Microsoft, and that is because it has not offered its customers anything to rely on in their daily lives. From April, Microsoft had problems with major upgrades for Windows 10, some of which were so large that updates had to be revoked because they destroyed people's computers.

Windows 10. After so many problems, Microsoft said that they had learned the lesson to stop starting tricky software, but early December patches were offered that ruined some computers, including Surface. Microsoft has promised to take the complaints of users seriously and is actively working to solve all problems customers report with Windows 10, but has so far only offered frustration.

Windows 10. The last things DISTRIBUTION from Microsoft

Windows 10. The operating system that was created to solve the problems of computer operating systems with problems with each update appears to be a much larger problem than the other. Microsoft has been able to shave in many situations so far and Windows 10 has been ridiculed by many people whenever some updates are blocked on some computers, or they are completely withdrawn.

Unfortunately, the technology giant of Redmond, Washington has consistently encountered such problems in deploying critical updates; from the quality control issues to delays, Windows 10 did not have a positive attitude. As new releases continue to roll out, Microsoft uses its systems and feedback from the customer service team to monitor the latest information from users in the field. Microsoft also notes that customer incidents have steadily decreased since the first launch of Windows 10.

Windows 10. For 2019, Microsoft promises that it will have a completely different view on the updates it will launch, with the promise to prepare them better with fewer problems, but we all know that this will not happen. If you want to make updates for Windows 10 in the future, I recommend that you be very careful, as there is always a possibility that your computer will be damaged in one way or another without your knowledge.

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