Роскачество has compared the Russian and Italian macaroni: Markets: the Economy: Lenta.ru

Russian pasta, made from durum wheat, is in no way inferior to Italian products. This was stated by the head of Roskachyk Maxim Protasov at the exhibition "Agrorus-2018" in St. Petersburg, TASS reports.

"We can clearly state that we have strong competitive advantages in a number of categories, particularly those made from plant products, such as flour, pasta – we are not weaker than the majority of our competitors," he noted.

The head of Roskachestvo also said that Russian food quality, which is valued on the world market, can be called Russian refined and unrefined oils. "Many goods received a quality mark and promotion to international markets – these are the goods we can be proud of," added Protasov.

In early July, the Roskachestvo compared the beer of a Czech brand that was produced in Russia and abroad, and concluded that the quality of both samples is almost at the same level, while prices differ for a price. The organization promised to continue with comparative studies of the same brands of goods produced in Russia and other countries.

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