20 injured in a traffic accident in Dagestan :: Society :: RBC

In Dagestan, near the village of Achi-su, an accident occurred with the participation of five cars, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Republic.

According to the rescuers, the victims were taken to the central hospital of the city of Izberash. To eliminate the consequences of the traffic accident, 28 people and eight devices arrived. At the same time, the traffic was not disturbed.

The regional head of the Ministry of Emergency Response "RIA Novosti" said that as a result of the accident 20 people were injured, including five children. One of the participants in the traffic accident was a passenger Gazelle.

The TASS hospital reported that one of the injured is in intensive care and another 17 in the surgical department. One of the adults is in a serious condition, with two children the doctors contracted bruises.

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