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Almost three-quarters of Russians (73%) supported the idea that school children should be banned from using smartphones and other gadgets during lessons, TASS reported with the VTsIOM survey.

83% of respondents are therefore certain that smartphones prevent students from studying, and 69% of respondents believe that children, if gadgets are banned at schools, will learn better. In addition, 69% of respondents also indicated that such restrictions should apply to students of all ages.

As VTsIOM points out, 81% of those who supported the ban also reported that their children do not have cell phones. At the same time, 17% of the total number of respondents is of the opinion that in the case of imposing restrictions on the use of smartphones in schools, the situation will not change.

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"The initiative to limit the use of phones by school children in classes is supported by respondents of all ages and is not seen as a violation of our children's personal space, but as a way to increase their concentration in the educational process, "told Valery Fyodorov, general director of the All-Russian Public Opinion research center, to Tass.

On 31 August, the head of the Russian Ministry of Education, Olga Vasilyeva, spoke in support of the ban on smartphones in schools. According to her, some schools already use special courses, in which students can leave their gadgets and in that case to connect parents with teachers, to use a special telephone signal telephone. "The question arises, why [смартфон]if everything is there? If there are fully equipped classes, there are tablets in the classroom, "the minister added.

Putin responded to the idea of ​​banning smartphones in schools

The next day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in order to assess how effective the ban would be, it is necessary to analyze its application. "I understand that this practice does not yet exist, so it's hard to say," added Putin, emphasizing that "it's impossible to ban everything." The president also said that one should think about the way to use "this or that phenomenon" for the learning process.

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