A video of militants who attacked a policeman in Chechnya appeared – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

A video showing the moment when the gunman shoots a policeman in a Mercedes car trying to stop him.

It is clear from the report that the incident occurred at the junction, presumably, the streets of Khankalskaya and Ionisiani. From the hard battle of the guardian of the law and the assignment for several meters tossed aside. The criminal's car has slipped, but he has managed the management and has continued pursuit.

Remember that this incident occurred at about 10.20 hours. According to a source in the security services, Mercedes was, besides the driver, also a minor. The militants were planning to blow up a car in the post of MVD, in which there were cylinders with propane. It did not work, only a weak explosive worked in the trunk. Hereafter, the pursuit began. Later they could still stop and liquidate.

Earlier, at 10 a.m., two unidentified men with knives attacked the police in the Shali district. They tried to break through to police and knife wounds to the two policemen, but were countered by retaliation. There was also a wounded casual passer.

At about the same time the suicide bomber carried out a self-explosion near the post of the DPS in the village of Mesker-Yurt in the Shalinsky district of the republic. Wounds among civilians and law enforcement officers were not, only a terrorist was killed.

And at 10.30 there was another battle in Grozny at the intersection of the streets Pervomaiskaya and Isayeva. The man opened the fire on the siloviki. As a result of the incident, one policeman has died. Data about the attackers, but also how much.

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