Apartment Russians have been caught fire because of the turtle

Fire broke out in one of the houses on Chekhov Street in Taganrog. The reason was the closure of the lamp, the heating of the aquarium with a turtle, which stirred the nearby things. This is reported by the regional portal "Notepad".

The incident took place on 20 August. The owners of the apartment on the fifth floor, where the fire took place, immediately called the firefighters, quickly the fire.

The fire has damaged the property in the apartment somewhat, while the aquarium turtle is not damaged.

When keeping turtles in an aquarium, it is necessary to withstand a certain temperature regime that is known to animals who love heat. Use powerful heating lamps for this.

Closing electrical appliances regularly causes fire in apartment buildings. So in August 2018 the 100-meter-high apartment of the inhabitant of Cherepovets caught fire. The reason was a short circuit in the electric mattress, which turned on the owner of the house for the night. The fire spread over more than ten meters.

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