Apple Spas-2018 – Congratulations, Postcards, Photo & # 39; s, Poems and Prose

Collection of the best poems and prose for congratulations with the Apple Savior 2018

  Apple Savior 2018 - greeting cards and cards. Photo: depositphotos
Apple Spas 2018 – greeting cards and cards. Photo: depositphotos

August 19 is the day of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which is popularly called the Savior of the Apple. Do not forget to congratulate everyone on this clear holiday with your heart. Warm words and beautiful wishes for the Apple Spas come in handy, so hurry to give and send your relatives and friends the most original and colorful congratulations

Congratulations Congratulations on the Transfiguration of the Lord 2018 (Apple Spas) in prose

Congratulations, my friend, with Apple Spas! I wish you that your life was full of joyous events, as the apple tree is full of fruit this day, so that your girlfriend will be happy to you as a ripe, liquid apple and your works, so that they shoot like a noble field at the height from the harvest!

* **
With the Apple Savior! Let the Transfiguration of the Lord fill the hearts of the people with peace and good, and their thoughts and purity and light. Rejoice and enjoy this day and let the sacred bull apple fulfill your most cherished wish.

Honey apples are poured today with sweetness and ripeness of the sultry summer, and I congratulate you, dear sister, with the Apple Redeemer! Eat ripe fruits, rejoice and make wishes! And let everything you want today be fulfilled as my wishes to you of happiness, health, wealth, joy and prosperity! Thank you for having me!

Congratulations on the Transfiguration of the Lord in 2018 (Apple Savior) in fresh and short sms

The apples raced in the garden,
The people gathered in the temple …
I will come to him today
With ripe fruits
And I will give them away like every year
Do not miss one …
Let happiness come to you today!
And with Apple, your savior!
19659015] ***
With the rescue of Apple! With the Apple Redeemer!
In the fall, it is up to you to prepare supplies.
Bless the fruits in white robes
Not to know the need in the winter
A ripe apple with faith that you eat,
And you will certainly wait for miracles!
Treat the cake, treat your friends.
The summer leaves – meet the autumn …

The savior of the apple – The transformation of the Lord,
The greatness of the divine is revealed today
every heart,
The harvest is dedicated, and the grace of the door
Opens for everyone who seeks.
May the Almighty not leave you!

Apples and grapes
Sacred their sprinkle
On the beautiful day of the Transfiguration
Everything, as if on the day of birth:
A table covered, fruit, honey!
This is the day of the Transfiguration
As if the people were new!

In this apple summer
The bins are full,
The sun is cheerfully warm,
Red apples are large.
in the child
The sun is clear.
Smile eyes,
The juice runs on the fingers.
Everyone grits sweet today
Sad grief,
Carries apple,
I smell

Remember that the second Savior apple is celebrated on August 19 and the third spa – walnut or bread – on August 29.

Watch the video, as in Ukraine the honeymoon celebrated in 2018:


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