Arrested the fourth teenager of a gang that attacked people in St. Petersburg

Smolninsky District Court of St. Petersburg decided to shut down the fourth minor of a group of teenagers who attacked foreigners outside the Tauride Garden on August 24th. He was arrested before the end of October, reports TASS with reference to the information from the united press service of the stadhoven.

After the attack of the adolescents on the visitors of the Tauride Garden, three criminal cases were initiated: about the facts of abuse, deliberately inflicting damage to the health of moderate gravity and theft. A fifteen-year-old boy, who was arrested on Saturday, September 1, was charged with an article about theft. According to the researchers, on the day of the attack on passers-by, he robbed, together with other members of the group, a shop in the neighborhood. The teenager was held the day before, partially acknowledging the guilt but refusing to testify, as did the other three who were arrested.

According to information "Interfax", a teenager with accomplices stole a box of beer from the shop, the total cost of the kidnapped amounts 1 thousand 64 rubles. Arrested – a resident of Severodvinsk, he does not work and does not study.

Teenagers defeated two local residents in one of the houses on the Tavricheskaya street on the evening of 24 August. The wounded fell in the hospital. Four teenagers were detained and arrested in this case. Meanwhile, a part of them, according to the investigation, at the time of committing the crime in Tavricheskaya was supposed to be under house arrest for other cases.

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