Avito, LovePlanet, BlaBlaCar and LJ came under the "Yarovoy law"

The project "Roskomvoboda" discovered that the register of organizers of information dissemination (ARI), which have to forward data to special services, was supplemented with a number of popular internet services.

Under the rookie schedule, for example Avito, BlaBlaCar, LiveJournal *, LovePlanet and RuTube.

"Yarovoi Act" obliges ARI to store data about correspondence and calls from users, to transfer them to law enforcement agencies and special services.

Total in the register, which you can find here, 152 ARI.

* As part of the full disclosure policy, we inform you that LiveJournal and the "Secret of the Firm" have one owner – Rambler Group.

The secret of the company had a channel in Yandex.Dzene. Subscribe!

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