Benefits for pensioners and new OSAGO rates. How will the life of the Russians change in September?

In September, new laws will come into force that will change the lives of motorists, elderly Russians and students. In the first month of autumn, traffic cameras start to "write" fines for lack of insurance, OSAGO rates will rise, retirees in Moscow and the Moscow region will receive new benefits, and students will be added "wages". What can be expected from the beginning of autumn, says "360".

Benefits for pensioners and new OSAGO rates. How will the life of the Russians change in September?

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For some school children, the new school year will start a little later. This year, 1 September falls on Saturday, so in some regions, the authorities have decided to postpone the line for the next week. So in Moscow, North Ossetia and Karelia, children go to the school desks on 3 September. At the same time, the schools in the suburbs of Khabarovsk and Chukotka decided to hold solemn events on 1 September, but the lessons do not start until the third day.

School children from the Moscow region will be able to celebrate the Day of Knowledge outside the walls of educational institutions. In the parks there are exhibitions and free master classes for children and parents.

In this academic year about 1.8 million first-graders will be in school benches. In total, more than 15.6 million students go to general education institutions on 3 September, 100,000 more than in 2017.

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Ninth September in Russia will be an important political event. On this day, citizens will choose representatives from the authorities of different levels. Will pass-election to the State Duma, to regional parliaments, in different regions & # 39; s will vote for the heads of subjects. According to the VTsIOM survey, about 41% of the Russians questioned stated their firm intention to vote.

The mayors' elections are held in Moscow. In the race for the function of mayor part five candidates. They were, besides the current mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Mikhail Degtyarev, a member of the Communist Party Vadim Kumin, the head of the Taganskiy district Ilya Sviridov of "Fair Russia" and the non -party-bound ex-owner of the SU-155 Mikhail Balakin.

On the same day, the election of the governor of the Moscow region takes place. Competition Andrew Vorobyov becomes ecologist Lilia Belova, a protege of the LDPR Kirill Zhigarev, a member of the "Party of growth" Boris Nadezhdin, Konstantin Cheremisov of the Communist Party and Igor Chistyukhin of the regional division of the political party "Fair Russia".

Benefits for pensioners and students

With the beginning of the month, additional benefits for pensioners take effect. Free use of the passage in public transport in Moscow, including the subway, will be able to residents of the suburbs for more than 60 years. At the same time for pensioners in Moscow, regional electric trains are free. In the Moscow region government it was estimated that about 1.4 million people will benefit from preferential travel. Previously, this was only available to a limited number of citizens, now everyone is on an equal footing.

The Moscow authorities have reduced travel costs for students. Since the beginning of autumn, graduate students, residents, students and students receive a 50% discount on commuter trains. The privilege is valid from 1 September to 15 June of the following year.

In addition, students will increase the scholarships by 4%, which amounts to about 150 rubles in money. According to the Department of Statistics of the federal government, students from higher education institutions paid slightly more than 1.3 thousand rubles in 2017 without monthly allowances.

Muscovites are waiting for another good news. From 1 September, turnstiles will disappear from the public transport of the capital. To remove them from buses and trams began in January of this year – during this time 80 bus lines were freed from them, and in June – all tram lines. The city authorities calculated that as a result of such measures, the time of landing of passengers decreased from five minutes to 30 seconds, and that the journey on the route accelerated by 5-20%.

Cameras are traced for OSAGO

Next changes are waiting for Russian car owners in September. From the first day the security camera's get extended powers. Devices will check cars for the existence of an MTPL policy. The lack of insurance on the passing car guarantees a fine of 800 rubles. The good news: you can not charge it more than once a day.

OSAGO policy will become more expensive in the autumn. So even in the summer, the Central Bank announced that it wanted to expand the tariff corridor by 20%. If for the most mass category of vehicles – passenger cars of individuals – the corridor of the base rate is 3.4-4.1 thousand rubles, then this will change to 2.7-4.9 thousand rubles after the adoption of amendments. As a result, the costs of a policy for an average driver will increase from 5.8 to 7 thousand rubles.

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In September, banks will begin to block suspicious transactions for customers for two days if they show signs of fraud. But first the employees of the financial institution have to check whether their suspicions are justified in the fact that the money transfer is not ordered by the customer but by the criminal. To this end, an account is sent to the account holder – the transaction will only take place if the customer confirms the transaction.

Financial organizations will start protecting the money of the Russians and buying new homes. Now the buyer of an apartment under a share participation agreement (DDU) does not pay directly to the developer, but transfers the amount to a special account with an authorized bank. Until the completion of construction and commissioning of the facility, the developer has no access to them. According to the authorities this will protect the Russians against unscrupulous builders who do not surrender the facility within a certain time.

Nest for offspring

In September, the order of succession in Russia will change. In addition to drawing up a will, it will be possible to set up a hereditary fund. In order to dispose of it, and also to ensure that its content is spent in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, a third person will be a confidential counselor. The fund is registered as a legal entity and can only carry out non-commercial activities, and all its expenses must be strictly targeted.

The fund's main advantage over the classic test is that heirs have real estate and money at their disposal, without waiting until six months after the death of the founder. In addition, the heirs can immediately give up their part and the minor children of the deceased are entitled to property, even if this is not mentioned in the will.

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