British musicians were impressed by the ruined television tower of Ekaterinburg: Music: Culture:

British musicians ShadowParty announced the start of the concert tour and published a poster in his support. On the poster, the designer placed an image of the Ekaterinburg television tower, which was destroyed in 2018.

In the beginning of September our UK Tour at @ festival number 6 on 8 September!

Photo posted by @shadowparty_

Almost 220 meters unfinished television tower in Yekaterinburg bloated on March 24. Many residents of Yekaterinburg protested against the demolition of the tower and called it the legend of the city. In February a petition appeared in which activists asked President Vladimir Putin to influence this decision.

The television tower was built in 1983. The signal from the tower had to cover the entire Sverdlovsk area. In 1991, construction was frozen due to interruptions in financing. At various times the tower was offered to arrange offices, a sports center, a marital status, attractions, a cinema and a temple.

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