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Politician Aleksei Navalny was arrested for 30 days for violation of Part 8 of Art. 20.2 (repeated violation of the rules for organizing and holding a public occasion) of the Code of Administrative Violations. This decision was taken on Monday by the district court of Tverskoy in Moscow, reported press secretary of Navalny Kira Yarmysh on Twitter. The administrative protocol against Navalny was drafted for the "Voting of voters" campaign, which took place on 28 January 2018.

The court decided to leave at the time of arrest the period of incarceration of Navalny per day "Strikes of voters" (from 14.40 to 22.40 on January 28) and the time since his last detention – since 13.50 25 August to 17 October, 27 August. From the last moment will be amounts the arrest of Navalny, reported the press service of the court.

The lawyers of Navalny have filed a request to postpone the meeting because they had to take note of the case study & # 39; s in quantity, as Mediason reported with reference to lawyer Ivan Zhdanov, 219 pages & # 39; s. The judge, however, refused to comply with the petition, leaving him only time to read the documents on the spot. The judge also refused to attend the protocol and to film the meeting as requested by the defense. In addition, the lawyers asked for time to get acquainted with the video material from the case, and Navalny himself filed petitions on the illegality of the actions of police officers who spent his detention on Saturday, as well as on the conditions of his detention – the first time for the action on 28 January he was detained for the second time on 22 February. The policy was held on 25 August.

Navalny also filed a petition for the termination of the case: the administrative protocol indicates that he was the organizer of the action, but the opposition considers the organizers of those who have requested the action, reports Medzizona. Navalny also believes that his right to freedom of assembly has been violated. The defense required the summoning of police officers who performed the detention, as well as witnesses of the defense. The judge was allowed to call only one witness of the defense and said that during the meeting the records from the case materials will be assessed. Witness Ilya Pakhomov said during the meeting that he had seen the moment of Navalny's imprisonment in Tverskaya Street on January 28, the politician did not resist police officers.

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