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Spouses from Novorossiysk swam for five days in the Black Sea without food and water until they were rescued by the captain of the ship called Christ. This was reported by Novorossiysk edition "Our Newspaper".

Nadezhda Achapkina and Mikhail Alaverdyan bought a dinghy and went fishing in the Myskhako area. According to them, the sea was very calm first, but later a strong wind increased and their boat gradually began to run away.

After unsuccessful attempts to row to the coast and to call for help, they lost one oar and eventually their boat was thrown into the sea within a few days.

At night they swung a flashlight during the day – with their hands and shorts. One tanker even launched a rocket in our direction, but for one reason or another, after half an hour, the anchor weighed and left, "recalls Achapkina.

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00:19June 17, 2016

As the woman reported, no ship stopped in their neighborhood and on the third day a storm began. "The waves were a few meters high. At night it was scary, when you wake up to the fact that you are vibrating very much," – said the victim.

On the fifth day a pair from Novorossiysk was rescued. They were noticed by the Greek tanker "Critie Rock", whose captain is the name of Christ Konstantinidis. He provided the couple with a cabin, as well as the necessary clothing, shoes and hygiene products.

Earlier in August, a passenger cruise ship Norwegian Cruise Line, a company from Croatia to Italy, fell overboard and was rescued thanks to songs and yoga. The 46-year-old Brit Kay Longstaff swam in shorts and a T-shirt in water of 20 degrees for about ten hours. She fell into the water around midnight and was about a hundred miles from the shore when it was found.


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