"Caucasian Knot" reported police raids on teenagers in Chechnya News from Germany about Russia DW

After attacks on policemen on August 20, 150 to 200 teenagers were detained in the Shali district of Chechnya, the Caucasian knot & # 39; with reference to the testimony of local residents. "The new detentions of adolescents were held on 23 and 25 August, siloviki traveled through the streets and took away everyone who knew, studied or lived alongside the participants in the attacks." The prisoners were taken to the ward where they were only interrogated late at night and released "Augustus the words of a resident of Shali Ahmad.

A resident of Shali Zara said that the siloviki "even took children aged 10-14 years old". "Children of some of my acquaintances and my sister's son were also detained on August 24. Silovikov was interested in who else could be familiar with the dead, what the relationship of these acquaintances to the incident and the like," – said one other local resident.

Interrogations were conducted in violation of the legislation

A representative from the Ministry of Interior of Chechnya noted that the detentions were carried out as operational and preventive measures and in the context of research actions. Meanwhile, as the "Caucasian Knot" shows, during teenagers' detention, the siloviki violate the procedure to call minors for questioning. In particular, the publication indicated that it was necessary to ask questions on the agenda, which was passed on to the legal representatives of minors and questioning in the presence of the teacher.

Previously, on 22 August, residents of Chechnya had already reported on the massive detentions of teenagers and their interrogations.

On 20 August, in the Shali district of Chechnya and in Grozny, there were attacks on the siloviki. According to the law enforcement agencies of the republic, four of the five attackers were killed, the fifth was injured during an attempt to undermine themselves and died in the hospital.

As a result, at least five policemen, as well as local residents, injured. The oldest participant in the attacks was 17 years old, the youngest was 11. The terrorist group "Islamic State" claimed the responsibility for the attacks.

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