Court captured head of FOMS of Dagestan – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Today, the Sovietsky District Court of Makhachkala ruled Magomed Suleymanov, director of the MHIF for Dagestan, for two months.

"The court has allowed the investigation application for Suleymanov & # 39; s arrest for two months, and he has the right to appeal," the "RG" official representative of the Investigation Committee of Dagestan Yegor Balashov.

Suleymanov was detained at the airport in Makhachkala on 17 August. He is suspected of setting up a criminal community, fraud and theft of more than 200 million rubles. In the articles "Creation of a criminal community with official position" and "Fraud on a particularly large scale" a criminal case was brought against him.

According to the study, Suleymanov created a criminal community, including employees of the Dagestan MHIF and other organizations.

There is evidence in the case materials that the knowingly incorrect information about "dead souls" has been provided to affiliated insurance companies and the medical insurance fund – more than 600. Many of them have long since died. countries of the Middle East – it is possible that as "jihad fighters" in the hotspots of Syria and other countries.

According to the documents, everyone was provided with regular medical care, and money was transferred to medical institutions for this.

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