Decoding the "black boxes" of the Boeing

Specialists in Moscow began deciphering the flight recorders from the UTair plane, which landed on the runway at Sochi airport. This information was confirmed to the correspondent of "RG" in the emergency services of the region.

According to them, the "black boxes" are in a satisfactory state. As the press service of the Interstate Aviation Committee informs, the committee set up at the department began to investigate the incident.

Remember that the UTair aircraft, which arrived from Moscow on the night of Saturday, ran out of the runway into the river, destroying the wing and the landing gear, the left engine on fire. Because of the fire on board the left wing of the plane was burned, the nose of the plane was damaged.

There were 164 passengers and six crew members on board the aircraft. 18 people were injured, a staff member of the airport died of a heart attack.

As the experts point out, localization of emergency situations was possible in the shortest possible time thanks to the dedication and well-coordinated work of the Sochi International Airport staff.

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