Deputy Hansu, through whom the pranker Lexus matpomosch collected, justified a colleague POLICY

Yekaterinburg, September 30 – AIF-Ural.

A curious story unfolded about the outgoing week in RuNet. Information opportunity was given by the Communist Party faction member of the State Duma Vera Ganzia in the air of the radio station "Says Moscow" she made a statement that she reportedly misses a vice-salary. This fact, coupled with the fact that the cumulative monthly income of the chosen is 385,000 rubles (that is how much Vera Ganzya, who complained about the income) receives from the Russians. The most creative response to the statement was a resident of the Sverdlovsk region, a famous political prank Alexei Stolyarov, better known as Lexus. His charity fund "Little Man" began to collect funds to provide material assistance to Vera Ganzia.

During the preparation of the publication, more than 1,600 rubles were collected from the fund – the network users threw out the comic amounts – from one ruble to 100. At the same time, however, explanations for the foreign statement of the deputy were already heard, which among other things said shortly after receiving the salary, it only has debts on loans.

The Duma's colleague was defended by the first vice-chairman of the Duma Commission on Education and Science, the Communist Oleg Smolin. According to him, Hansa can spend money on charity in the district from which she was elected. "She did not say she does not have enough salary for life, she said she would want to raise this most charitable help", – quotes Smolin's Business FM portal. According to the parliamentarian, he spends more than a million rubles a year on helping voters, and suspects that Vera Ganz earns more money.

It is appropriate to add that the delegate of the State Duma of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation contributes to one third of the sum of all payments. It is relevant to add that from 1 January 2019 the minimum wage in Russia will be 11280 rubles.

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