Discussion of pension reform in the Duma lasted more than four hours. The most important

The Duma held extensive parliamentary hearings on Tuesday about a bill on raising the retirement age. Parliamentarians, government officials and experts discussed the pension reform for more than four hours. At this time protest meetings took place on the walls of parliament.

The law of the government provides for a gradual increase in the retirement age for men from 60 to 65 in 2028, for women – from 55 to 63 years in 2034. The document was adopted by the Duma at first reading on 19 July. The date of the second reading has not yet been adopted, the changes will be accepted on 24 September. Following the results of the hearings in the Duma, a special working group will be set up, which will finalize the bill.

On behalf of the government, the bill was presented by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin. she noted that the main task of raising the retirement age is to accelerate the indexation of pensions. According to the government's plans from 2019, pensions should rise by 1,000 rubles. (corresponds to indexation at the level of 7%) and by 2024 to reach 20,000 rubles. This order of indexing will be determined by changes in the second reading of the bill, the minister said.

The Head of the Ministry of Labor drew attention to the fact that it is impossible to postpone the reform further. Moreover, in the coming years, he says, the most optimal for raising the retirement age. In the future 5-10 years in Russia there will not be such a happy coincidence when a small number of the period of the decline in the birth rate comes on the market and at the same time a significant number of citizens become retired, explained the official. "If we wait, we will not have such relationships between those entering the labor market and those who are retiring," Topilin said.

The chairman of the court, Alexei Kudrin, has also stated that the reform must be implemented urgently. "Perhaps it was necessary to soften the pace, to think ahead, so that everyone could prepare, but it had to be done 10 years ago", Kudrin replied to the question of State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, or the government another path could have followed. "But we came to the finish, today it must be done."

Head of the faction of the United Russia in the State Duma Sergei Neverov called on the opposition to oppose the bill not to be populists. According to him, politicians who are in favor of delaying the pension reform only try to increase their rating and give up responsibility, realizing that in the future the inevitable decision to raise the retirement age should be accepted by another. In particular, the leader of United Russia commented on the proposal to withdraw the missing money from billionaires. In the Forbes rating, assets and real businesses of business people are valued first rather than money accounts, Neverov noted. "Who will do this, I mean, take away [активы]who to sell? Well, let's go, even if we translate all this into money, we'll add, let's say, the first twenty Forbes, we'll calculate all this amount – we'll have enough money for up to two years to pay pensions, " United Russia concluded.

Neverov reminded the public that "United Russia" prepared amendments to the second reading of the bill to soften the reform. On Monday, the party proposed to keep all existing benefits and social benefits for people of the current pensionable age for the transitional period and also to pay a capital-funded pension at a later age. In addition, United Russia offers to reduce the duration of the early retirement service by five years, to 42 for men and 37 for women, not to raise the retirement age for indigenous peoples in the north and to grant extra days of retirement at the current retirement age. Finally, the secretary of the General Council of the party Andrei Turchak spoke for the abolition of the pension preferences for deputies and senators of the Duma. In a reaction to the last sentence, Volodin said: "Let's talk about when she does, this is an important issue, but this is the simplest solution that can be applied" (quoted by TASS).

Picket against raising the retirement age

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