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The Ministry of Internal Affairs intends to change the appearance of such documents as the rights and certificate of registration of vehicles. One of the many mock-ups of new documents, the Traffic Inspectorate of the State, showed experts and journalists. Make a reservation immediately that this is not the last and irreversibly approved version of the mock-up of documents. What will ultimately be the rights and ITS – is not yet known.

Remember that it is not about simple changes, but we can say that these documents are deeply adjusted. Chip tuning. In the literal sense of the word – in law, as well as certificates of registration, chips are implanted.

The preparations for the change were known for a long time. Even the tax law was adjusted accordingly, which came into effect on 3 August. According to them, the government task for issuing a new driving license will be 3000 rubles. The state price for the old document is 2000 rubles. To issue a certificate of registration of a new sample – 1.5 thousand. The old monster, that is what is being spent now, is 500 rubles.

And recently a concept order appeared on the driving licenses and certificates of registration of a new model. They are produced on a plastic basis. The title of the document – "Driving license" or "Certificate of registration" – is duplicated in French and English. They will receive new degrees of protection. Laser engraving will be used in the production of these documents. The image of the steering wheel appears in the bottom right corner, changing the color from pink to green when the angle of view is changed. On the back there will be a QR code, according to which it will be possible to read the information, probably about the driver or the car – depending on which document this code is printed on. A sign indicating the presence of an electronic data carrier appears in the upper left corner. That is, the same chip. It is assumed that it will protect all information about the rights and the driver. Or about the car and the owner. It is in fact double information about what is already in the document or it is easy to check the databases.

Then there is a reasonable question: why is this chip generally needed? It appears that this is another unique measure of protection for the document. Information about that is difficult to change. And if it is different from what is in the rights, it is clear that the document has been falsified.

It is not yet known exactly what kind of information is entered on this chip. Perhaps data about driver violations are recorded and data provided. However, it is worth remembering that in due course the temporary driving licenses, in which data on offenses were registered, are refused, including, for the reason that a person is not obliged to carry compromising data. This is even in contradiction with the constitution. So the introduction of data on violations is a controversial issue. Moreover, it is technically difficult to implement.

Why else would you need information on the chip? When checking documents, the traffic policeman, if using a tablet, personally checks information about the driver on databases. If the tablet does not have or has internet, it asks the operator. But in our country the internet is not everywhere, but at least some connection. And here the information that is sewn into the chip will help. Of course, if the employee has a device to read this information. And such a device will be much more expensive than the chip itself.

The explanation of the order also states frankly that the innovations relate to the implementation of the plan, approved in 2016, on guaranteed purchases of civil microelectronic products. In simple terms, the chipping of documents is primarily necessary for chip manufacturers, so that their products are in great demand. And to a lesser extent, it is necessary for the drivers themselves. Moreover, the price of the use of the car only increases. By the way, it is worth remembering that the electronic passport of the vehicle will cost the car owner cheaper than his colleague on paper aging.

There is good news for motorists. When all this goes into effect, there will be no massive replacement of rights, as well as certificates of registration. Old documents are replaced by new ones after the expiry of the validity or after recovery. A certificate of registration – and when changing the owner of the car. It is also clear that not all cities and municipalities will receive documents with a new pattern. Equipment for the production of these documents is expensive. So the replacement is stretched over time.

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