Employee of the Kronotsky reserve died in a skirmish with a bear – Rambler & # 39; s Top100

In the Kronotsky reserve (Kurilskoye Lake, South Kamchatsky Zakaznik) the worker died from the claws of a bear. He accompanied tourists who were on their way to a spot from which awkward predators could catch the salmon from the spawning sockeye.

One of the tourists dropped a backpack into the water, reported the Interfax news agency. Worker-23-year-old graduate from Irkutsk Agrarian University – decided to find him and went looking for a beehive in the bears, without having warned his leadership and neglecting the safety rules.

He was in an area where there are no hiking trails. Bears dig the extracted salmon from the sockeye and guard it. The young man was killed in a skirmish with a bear, his body was discovered by the protection of the reserve. An official investigation is under way.

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