Experts called the most important signs of depression

"If someone wakes up at five o'clock in the morning and has a hearth in his chest, his mouth is dry, if he has problems with a stool and yet he experiences acute cause-less fear – this is the first sign (depression) "says the doctor of medical sciences, the head of the department of psychiatry and medical psychology RNIMU him. NI Pirogova, head physician of the Center for Mental Health "Alter" Andrei Shmilovich.

The rhythm of mood swings is recognized as the second sign of a depressive view of the world. A man wakes up with a displeasure, and by the evening he gets better. Usually such variability is observed in autumn and spring.

Also, the main criterion in determining depression is to reduce or lose the ability to experience pleasure, along with the loss of desire to achieve it. In this case there is a lack of joy and motivation for life.

Teenagers are also characterized by the isolation and the abrupt disappearance of past interests.

"… if a child reluctantly goes to school, knowing that there are no open conflicts there, if he ran into mugs and sections earlier, but now refuses somewhere go off if you see his sleep disturbances, if you notice that his body is cut … This is a very serious reason for parents to be on their guard and talk to the child, "says the candidate for medical sciences, deputy -director Scientific and practical Center for mental health of children and adolescents. G.E. Suhareva Anna Basova.

In addition, experts noted that depression in children is exhibited by behavioral or somatic masks. The child may suddenly become erratic or silent and also complain of pain in different parts of the body.

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