Experts called the possible reason for the spontaneous rise of the bridge in St. Petersburg – Incidents

SAINT-PETERSBURG, 26 August. / TASS /. Experts mentioned the reason for the spontaneous lifting of the Volodarsky bridge over the river Neva in St. Petersburg, after which an accident occurred and three people were injured. As the press service of Mostotrest indicated, which deals with the maintenance and operation of the bridges of the city, the cause of the defect may be extra charges that have caused distortion.

"As a result of the analysis of the structural elements of the bridge, specialists from Mostotrest" recorded extra dynamic loads in the span structure, which caused elastic deformation of the "wing" of the bridge, "said the company.

According to Mostotrest, this circumstance led to a short rise of the "beak" of the diverging span of about 20 cm. The specialists continue to discover the reasons.

Earlier it was reported that the night before the wing of the Volodarsky bridge had taken off, as a result of which several cars came into collision. Three people were injured and injuries of different severity were recorded at the hospital. In "Mostotrest" the question about the help to the hospital has been solved.

Volodarsky Bridge was opened two days ago after the completion of the work on the replacement of the asphalt concrete roadway. The five-span metal bridge with a drivable span in the middle connects the southern and right bank areas with a population of up to 500 thousand people. Volodarsky is the only bridge in St. Petersburg with a viaduct for trams.



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