FAS develops changes to control foreign investors of strategic companies – Economy and entrepreneurship

MOSCOW, August 28. / TASS /. Russian investors of companies of strategic importance for the defense and security of the country, in the case of obtaining a second citizenship, must obtain permission from the commission in connection with the establishment of foreign control. As noted in portal normative and legal acts, the relevant changes in the federal law concerning the procedure for foreign investments in business units of strategic importance for the defense and security of the country (FZ-57), is developed by the FAS.

"The bill, which is being developed by the FAS Russia, is aimed at elaborating and clarifying certain legal standards provided by the current Federal Law No. 57-FZ," the head of the Foreign Investment Control Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service told Olesya Milchakova to Tass.

According to her, a Russian citizen who obtains citizenship from another State understands FZ-57 by a foreign investor.

"Accordingly, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, who already held a controlling interest in a Russian society of strategic importance for the defense of the country and the state security, later acquired the citizenship of another state, he must now have a submit an application to the FAS Russia for the approval of the government commission to control foreign investors about such a society, "she explained.

The changes are expected to come into effect in January 2019.

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