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According to the sources, Ivan Rubin committed suicide for debts, the suicide note of the deceased states that he received threats

Ivan Rubin

(Photo: Valery Levitin / RIA Novosti)

The former managing director of the Sport Express newspaper and the former owner of the publication Ivan Rubin (who owned the newspaper in 2003-2012) was found dead under the windows of a high building on Osenniy Boulevard. A TASS source in law enforcement reports that Rubin committed suicide due to large debts.

According to news agency sources in Moscow, the number of Rubin's debts was greater than 50 million rubles, and the deceased suicide letter lists the threats he received.

In turn, the Telegram channel Mash reported that Rubin's suicide note claims that he was threatened by Vladimir Alexandrovich Tyurenkov, to whom the former owner of Sport-Express owed € 70.86 thousand.

Vladimir Tyurenkov, managing director of the private company with limited liability Sentinel-1, confirmed RBC the amount of Rubin's debt for € 70,860, but assured that "he has not sent any threats".

"I heard about this tragic event.I know Rubin and blamed him on the recommendation of my friend, who asked for Rubin Rubin would return the full amount to me two months ago, he repeatedly asked to extend the return period. Yesterday we would see him in the Baltschug Hotel, he did not appear at the meeting and answered no phone calls, I am not the person who will threaten, absolutely no gangster style There was no reason for threats Rubin refused to give, but suggested Deadline was psychologically unstable and very alcoholic, "said Tyurenkov.

Tyurenkov also added that Rubin was recommended to him by his colleague, with whom Tyurenkov served in the security brigade of the general staff of the Ministry of Defense.

Former head of Tyurenkov in the security brigade of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense called Valery (he asked not to announce the name. – RBC) He called Tyurenkov & # 39; an officer, a decent man who works for the country.

"Indeed, I asked Vladimir Alexandrovich [Тюренкова] give a loan to Ivan [Рубину]they met. Then Tyurenkov called me, saying that Rubin was not fulfilling his obligations under the debt, but Ivan promised me to solve this problem. I know that Ivan scored debts, did not go to his company, "- said the interlocutor of RBC.

According to Valery, Tyurenkov could not threaten Rubin. "Vladimir Alexandrovich is a seasoned man, political worker, Colonel, he could not threaten, Vladimir Alexandrovich reacts very well, he was my subordinate 38 years ago, but we are still friends," said a friend of Tyurenkov.

The representative of the principal investigating department of the commission of inquiry for Moscow, Yulia Ivanova, has informed TASS that an investigation has been initiated for the investigation in connection with the discovery of Rubin's body.

The message from the United Kingdom states that the body on Osenniy Boulevard has damage that is characteristic of a fall from a height.

"Currently, researchers are conducting verification activities to identify all the circumstances of the incident, and neighbors and potential eyewitnesses are interviewed and, according to the audit results, a procedural decision will be made," said the IC.

The Sport-Express newspaper has been published since 1991. In 2012, due to financial difficulties, Rubin sold a majority stake in the editors to the general director of the St. Petersburg department of Channel One and Rosnano partner Eduard Raikin.

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