Gas prices in 2019 will increase in the range of inflation – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The risks of rising gasoline prices, which the Accounts Chamber has mentioned, are correctly marked, but since a way of maintaining retail prices has already been found, they will increase in 2019 to the maximum level of inflation. This was announced in the margins of the Open Innovations Forum by the Minister of Energy of Russia, Alexander Novak.

At the conclusion of the draft federal budget for the next three years, the Court of Audit indicated that from 1 January of next year the excise rates for motor fuel will rise one and a half times, which can turn into a peak in the prices of petrol stations and restrictive measures of require the state.

"The factors that were mentioned, they are correct, which influence growth, but at the same time a suitable tool has been created, changes in the legislation that make it possible to level these factors," said Interfax, Alexander Novak.

In particular, we are talking about the introduction of a negative tax on oil for refineries, as well as damping (smoothing) and logistical components in the formula for calculating benefits. The amount of the benefits will be made dependent on the fulfillment of obligations by refineries and the supply of petrol to the domestic market.

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