"I was accused of terrorism." Zverev made a scandal at the Irkutsk airport

The stylist complained that the security officers behaved roughly, insulted and accompanied him.

Famous stylist Sergei Zverev participated in the scandal at the airport in Irkutsk, where he was forced to undergo an investigation. On the outraged post of the star in social networks drew attention to the publication "Dni.ru."

– I was accused of terrorism and ordered to remove all metal accessories and demanded that the instructions of the airport staff were applied (keep spelling and punctuation of the author. Approx. Ed.), – wrote Zverev.

According to the stylist security agents behaved roughly both with him and with his carers. Zverev added that it all started with the alarm of a metal detector that reacted to the cross in his neck and a zipper on his pants.

Earlier Life reported that Sergei Zverev can move abroad to the ex-lover.

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