In Bashkiria the crowd besieged the police station and demanded the instigators of the mass quarrel to give up

In Baymak, even residents of the surrounding areas

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The consequences of a massive brawl in the village of Temasyovo, which in the Baymak district Bashkiriakeep the whole republic excited. Currently at the local police station Baymak. in which some of the participants were brought to the fight, a crowd came together. A live broadcast of what happens is done on social networks by representatives of the regional public organization "Bashkort".

Evidently, the group of men, originally of origin, came to the police to free the local young people who were trapped yesterday. At the time of the broadcast there were seven people. Gradually the Bashkir boys came one by one out of the doors of the department under universal elation and ovation.

Some participants asked for fights from the other side – the people from the north The Caucasus.

According to one of those who left the police station, they took a written statement from him about what he was doing on the scene of the fight. Speeches about interrogation or other investigative actions against him were not taken.

Bashkir Kondopoga. Residents of the republic came to win their children from the police.

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