In Kamchatka volunteers witnessed cannibalism in an animal shelter (video): IA Kam 24

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky there are shocking images of cannibalism in the shelter for temporarily keeping animals. Civil servants from the mayor and the regional government went in the place of need.

On the photo 's that IA Kam 24 has available, it can be seen that dogs are kept in an orphanage in poor conditions. The cells are not cleaned, the dogs belong to the excrement. One of the pictures shows a dead, torn dog. There is a video recording of an episode of cannibalism: one dog is the other. Voice-over says that contractors have led animals to life because they do not feed them.

As it became known to the IA "Kam 24", this morning in the shelter with the inspection visited the head of Petropavlovsk Vitaliy Ivanenko and the head of the regional veterinary office Marina Nishta.

The temporary detention center for neglected animals (PVA) was opened in Petropavlovsk in October 2017. It lies before the exit to the village of Tundrovy, near the landfill. There are 44 double berths in the shelter. On the territory there are also two modules – domestic and veterinary. In the temporary orphanage, animals caught in the Petropavlovsk area are captured at the request of the townspeople.

According to the contract with the city administration of facilities, the point is maintained by Kaminsky. The contractor's representative commented on the situation for IA Kam 24.

"The incident happened the day before, the puppy was really strangled by a dog that was aggressive, for him in a cage it was impossible to let other dogs in. One of the volunteers led the aggressive man to a walk and left the cage. At that moment the puppy ran into the fence, hiding in the box, when the volunteer brought the dog back into the cage, he did not notice that there was a puppy, the dog was strangling him, & # 39; representative of the contractor.

According to her, the video shows that the dog tears the puppy but does not eat. The woman said that the dogs in the PVS (now there are 98) are not starving. The activities of the IP are controlled by the city authorities.

"In addition, dogs are animals that do not engage in cannibalism, even when they are hungry, such cases are very rare, and experts say they are usually caused by physiological disturbances in the activity of the animal's brain," the employee of the point.

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