In Moscow, one of the organizers of the "Russian Mars" was taken into custody

One of the organizers of the "Russian Mars" Dmitry Karasev was detained in Moscow, Novaya Gazeta.

According to the newspaper, the "Bratislavskaya" Karasev metro station was taken "by a man in civilian clothes" and led to the policemen who surrounded him and led to the exit. Karasev is now on the OVD of Meshchanskoe.

Karasev himself told OVD-Info that he was detained by employees of the Center for Combating Extremism. He added that he was shown a document about the criminal case on the demonstration with a fire in the FSB building. Karasev claims that he has nothing to do with her.

"Russian March" should be held on 4 November in the Moscow district of Lyublino. Karasev reported that the office of the mayor of Moscow agreed on the action. The Moscow authorities also reported that the application had been approved for the march of nationalists in the Shchukino area.

According to Ivan Beletsky, who was the organizer of the "Russian marches" in 2016-2017, the mayor of Moscow refused this year to approve the application of the Institute for National Policy, of which he was in charge. The & # 39; Russian marches & # 39; the & # 39; correct block & # 39; and the & # 39; Russian Human Rights League & # 39; to hold.

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