In Russia, create the latest artillery complex "Sketch"

For the missile forces and artillery of the Russian Federation the new artillery complex "Sketch" is made. About this in an interview with MK said the commander-in-chief of ground forces, Colonel General Oleg Salyukov.

"A complex of artillery and mortar weapons from the battalion unit" Sketch "is being developed with different variants of the base chassis, including for equipment of Arctic units," he said.

Also in the near future we can expect the reception of other new products in the ground troops. This tank "Armata" BMP "Kurganets-25" BTR "Boomerang."

– Depending on their characteristics, taking into account the promised modernization potential, they will certainly exceed the best foreign designs for more than a dozen years. Deliveries of these samples to the ground troops are planned in the near future ", the colonel general remarked.

According to him, the development of the interspecific artillery complex "Coalition-SV" with an innovative recording mode "Squall of Fire", in which several projectiles fired from a single pistol at different angles simultaneously reach their target, is now completed.

– It produces a huge fire attack. The combat capabilities of the complex are twice as high as all existing domestic and foreign counterparts, "added Salukov.

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