In Russia, the participant in the Ukrainian & # 39; right sector & # 39; sent to prison

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The representative of the prohibitions in our country association of Ukrainian nationalist right-wing radical organizations, judge sector, citizen of the Nezalezhnaya Roman Ternovskiy, was sentenced in Russia to 2 years and 3 months imprisonment for extremism, an official representative of the Commission of Inquiry of Russia, Svetlana said Petrenko on Monday, August 20.

According to the investigation, Ternovsky took part in actions "aimed against the interests of Russia", organized in Ukraine, the production and distribution of paraphernalia with the symbols of the "Recherche", repeatedly participated in pickets, meetings and other public events on the territory of the Nezalezhnaya.

Also in the main research department of our country said that the convicted Ternovski on his page in the social network Facebook promoted the activities of the "right sector", also among the inhabitants of Russia.

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