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In Stupino outside Moscow, a criminal case was opened after the mother left the five-year-old child in a car with closed windows, causing the minor to die, according to the website of the regional section of the Commission of Inquiry.

According to preliminary information from the British division, this happened on 20 August. The woman came to work, the five-year-old boy remained in the car, the doors of which were blocked, and the windows closed. When the woman returned, the boy was without signs of life, the ministry said.

The researchers inspected the scene and interviewed the eyewitnesses, which determined the circumstances of the incident.

The Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Moscow region, Ksenia Mishonova, reported that the child was in the car for about two and a half hours. "We have repeatedly drawn parents' attention to the fact that leaving children in the car, even briefly, is dangerous." Unfortunately, such inexplicable adult carelessness leads to tragedies, "she wrote on Instagram.

Мишонова noted that according to the section on matters of minors in the administration of the governor of the outskirts of Moscow, the family of the deceased was free.

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