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In North Ossetia, the rescuer of the Stavropol search and rescue team EMERCOM of Russia, Eduard Skrypnik, was killed. He was looking for the missing mountaineers on Mount Galdor, according to the EMERCOM website of Russia on the outskirts.

"The life of a remarkable man was tragically demolished, and the staff of the headquarters of the Emergency Situations Department in Russia in the Stavropol area mourned with everyone who knew and loved this person," the report said.

In the message from the regional head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, it is also noted that the care provider's family receives all the help and support they need.

Eduard Skrypnyk started the search and rescue team of the Stavropol area since April 2007.

The representative of the Mountaineers Federation of Russia told TASS that at the place where the savior died, there are now strong cliffs. Presumably they are caused by the heat. He added that only four people were killed. Their bodies were evacuated by helicopter.

As the bureau observes, three mountaineers made an ascent to Mount Galdor in North Ossetia, but did not come into contact on August 18. However, they were not registered in the North Ossetian research rescue unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. As a result of searches in a week, the dead were found. The researchers began to check the circumstances of the incident.

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